Classroom Practices in ESL & EFL Contex

Classroom practices are multifaceted where there exist a myriad of ways in which students learn. The new challenges and demands of classroom practices have led to advances in research on teaching and learning. Due to the learner diversities in terms of ethnic, linguistic and cultural background, there is a need to construct an effective learning environment which involves the teachers’ actions and decisions. Having such insights will provide practical solutions in the attempt to solve pedagogic problems and draw ideas to experiment within the classrooms.

This book brings together eight papers by prominent researchers in the field of second language learning that provide significant insights into pertinent questions relating to classroom practices in ESL and EFL contexts. Significant issues related to ESL and EFL learning and teaching in tertiary level are discussed to provide readers with productive and innovative lessons that will be of use in second language classroom. In general, this book provides resources for readers to explore ideas of ESL and EFL learning environments. Challenges faced by learners when learning English are also addressed. This book is suitable for educators, researchers, language teachers and students.

Classroom Practices in ESL & EFL Contexts Insider Perspectives
• Tengku Nor Rizan Tengku Mohd Maasum
• 2011
• ISBN 978-967-344-192-1
• 161 Pages
• RM 40.00


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