Gender, Multiculturalism and Re-visioning

These essays that resist dichotomies that are too simple, resist abstract logic that is too disembodied, and resist colonial cartography that is too rigid in its correspondence theory of truth – they all make it clear that rationality has gotten us where we are. How do we like it? There are rational reasons to see rationality’s limits, and we need to begin to use our imaginations to find other ways of understanding the world.

Another simple and rough way to categorize the essays in this volume is to say that some of them are Old Left (Shih, Manqoush et al., Raihanah, Hashim), and some of them are New Left (McGrath, Leon, Mochizuki, Allen). By Old Left and New Left, I mean the Socialist Left and the Postmodern Left. The Socialist perspective of the Old Left did not require a paradigm shift. It did overturn received notions of which came first, the realm of ideas or the realm of the material, but it still relies on the discourse of social science. Its analysis

generally focuses on allocation of resources and power. The New Left questions the very language in which social problems are posed. It is inflected by multiculturalism, and is more relativist in its epistemology.

Artists and literary critics are critiquing the status quo, but finding different ways of doing it. Their works are symptoms of our times and offer a hope for renovation.” – Michael Barry

Gender, Multiculturalism and Re-Visioning Creating and Fostering Literary
• Raihanah M. M.
• 2011
• ISBN 978-967-344-178-5
• 132 Pages
• RM 40.00


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