Language and Cultural Diversity: Global Realities & Challenges

Whether language should be regarded as a mere “medium” for an already-existing body of “content” (consciousness, idea, or tradition), or whether it should be regarded as constitutive of such content, has come to be, in the 20th and 21st centuries, a central issue in linguistics, philosophy, anthropology, and other disciplines. Recognizing this a book which seeks to address the complex and nuanced ways in which language and culture interact is a timely reminder of the importance and central significance of language issues to broader issues of cultural empowerment, understanding and respect. The intention of this volume of collected writings by a diverse and international group of authors is to add to a greater understanding and sympathy for the significant and important issues that language, reform, culture and communication present. The chapters in this book cover a broad range of issues and perspectives ranging from the pedagogical through to the cultural.

Language and Cultural Diversity Global Realities & Challenges
• Thang Siew Ming, Pramela Krish, Wong Fook Fei, Lin Luck Kee, Jamilah
Mustafa & Marlyna Maros
• 2011
• ISBN 978-967-344-176-1
• 135 Pages
• RM 40.00


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