Doctoral Education In International Context

Doctoral Education In International Context was produced in the context of the 2nd International Doctoral Education Research Network (IDERN) conference in Malaysia. It is addressed  directly to doctoral supervisors, student, doctoral program coordinator and policy makers and discusses many key issues arising in the changing doctoral education landscape. It provides useful theoretical underpinnings and insights into the complexity of the contemporary global doctoral education and how these issues are negotiated across boundaries. Key areas this book explores are;

  • the changing nature of the doctorate
  • glimpses of “real-life stories” about supervisory experiences in Malaysia, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.
  • transculturation , negotiation and dialogue in doctoral supervision
  • creativity as an element of doctrateness
  • the oppurtunities and challenges of team supervision
  • the role of doctoral writing in global research conversation
  • authorship dilemmas in publishing
  • everyday engagements of doctoral students

• Vijay Kumar & Alison Lee
• 2011
• ISBN 978-967-344-254-6
• 233 pages
• RM50.00

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