Sustainable Production of Sago Grown on Tropical Peat

This book contains information
of alternative ways in utilizing
sago wastes (solid and liquid)
and unwanted peat soil water. It
discusses how products such as
potassium-magnesium hydroxide,
organic based fertilizers, humic
acids, fulvic acids, humin and high
quality compost are produced from
sago fibres (hampas) after starch
extraction. It further discusses how
sago waste water, unwanted peat
water and zeolite are used to amend
urea to increase urea-N use
efficiency in both waterlogged
and non waterlogged conditions
via reduction of ammonia
volatilization from urea. This book
will be of significant interest to
those in the applied sciences,
students, research scientists,
farmers, environmentalists,
fertilizer and related industries
and so on.

RM 48.00
185 pgs
(Category: Agriculture)


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