With Knowledge We Serve

This book is a celebration of our people’s minds. It is an
acknowledgment of their relentless search for new knowledge;
a testimony of their tenacious quest for excellence. Research
has always been at the forefront of UPM’s commitments as
one of the leading universities in the nation. Our research
achievements on both the local and international front serve as
proof of that commitment. If there is one thing about UPM that
the academic and research world firmly attests to, it is the fact
that we are perpetually evolving, both in knowledge and vision.
There is no end to what we aspire to achieve in the world of
research, development and innovation. More importantly, there
is no end to our passion to want to contribute to humanity
through the creation of new knowledge. The researchers
featured in this book are people who have brought fame to
UPM through their remarkable research achievements, and they
are only a small part of the many more who form the backbone
of our university.

RM 150.00
80 pgs
(Category: Coffee Table)


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