Humic Substances and Urea Use in Agriculture

This book serves as a quick reference text for agriculturists, environmentalists, students and early career researchers. Chapter 1 gives an overview of nutrient use efficiency while Chapter 2 details what humic substances are. Some of the major sources of humic substances are discussed in Chapter 3. The isolation and characterization of humic substances are covered in Chapter 4. Aspects such as extraction, fractionation, purification, and characterization of humic substances from different sources are discussed in Chapter 5. Chapter 6 focuses on control of ammonia volatilization using humic substances isolated from different sources while the effects of the humic substances on nutrient use efficiency, crop growth and development as well as their effects on soil chemical properties are dealt with in Chapter 7.

Ahmed Osumanu Haruna is a PhD holder in Soil Fertility and Management. He is currently attached to the Department of Crop Science, Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences, Universiti Putra Malaysia Bintulu Campus as an Associate Professor. Since 1998, most of his researches involve sustainable agriculture. He has extensively published research papers in refereed journals. Ahmed has won several national and international awards. He is a member of numerous journal editorial advisory boards. Ahmed is a member of the Pineapple Working Group. He continues to write professional papers and routinely participates in scholarly meetings and educational programmes.


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