The New Education Self Enhanced Active Learning

Professor Othman Mohamed is a Counsellor Educator and aRegistered Certi_ed Counsellor Practitioner. He has won numerous awards including the Universiti Putra Malaysia Award for the best Original Creative Book for the Social Sciences and Humanities through the book entitled Prinsip Psikoterapi dan Pengurusan dalam Kaunseling. As an expert in Counselling Supervision and Career Counselling, he has produced over 170 academic writings in various publications. He is also an inventor of career games and inventories. Currently, his research interests are in the enrichment of
education through self enhanced active learning and gami_cation in the teaching-learning process. He had served as the Malaysian representative for the International Association for Vocational and Educational Guidance af_liated with UNESCO. The Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (ACES-af_liate of the American Counseling Association) recognized Professor Othman with the ACES International Award for contributions in counseling at the international _eld. Chi Sigma Iota – Counseling Academic & Professional Honor Society International, recognized Professor Othman as a signi_cant contributor for the promotion of professional counsellor advocacy.


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